option to display the icon on a button on the right side

I need to switch the button-icon to the right side of the text and really would like to have an option on the buttons property field.


This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled switch button icon to the right side of the text css hack. I needed to switch a button’s icon to the right side of the text (default is left). In order to achieve this I tried to switch the DOM elements of the button-text and icon, which was unsuccessful.
After some fiddling around with the classes, I finally found a solution to this:
I changed the classes of the button and the icon (using an in-line snippet) to be “ui-button-text-icon-secondary” instead of “…-primary” (button element itself) and ui-button-icon-secondary (icon element).



I hope that someone who needs to achieve this, finds this helpful.


I’m trying to figure out how to do this and I need some help.  Any chance you could elaborate for the intermediate user?  I’m not very familiar with in-line snippets…

Hi Scott

Heres the script:

var button = $('#button-id');<br>button[0].className = 'nx-pagetitle-action ui-button ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all ui-button-text-icon-secondary';<br>button[0].children[0].className = 'ui-button-icon-secondary ui-icon fa-location-arrow sk-icon inline';<br>

Procedure of the script: Your first need to get the button (best is to set an ID on the button properties). Then you need to set/replace the classes accordingly (“ui-button-text-icon-secondary” on the button itself and “ui-button-icon-secondary” on the icon/first child of the button element). Thats basically it.
Keep in mind that you can’t just add/remove a new classname, you have to replace the whole className property. Thats why all the classes for a button have to be added as well (those are classes added by skuid. If you have other/more classes in there add them as well/instead).
If you have multiple buttons to switch their icons, I recommend you to create an object-array of buttons to replace, containing the DOM-id and the icon-class (it might look like

var buttons = [{button-id: 'button-id', icon: 'fa-question'}]

). You then loop trough that array and execute the above lines. Note that you will have to replace the button-id with the id in the object and the icon-class also with the one in the object.

I hope that helps you. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask.


LOL - I guess I should have labeled myself as a beginner!
I’m not certain how to set/replace the classes.  I can edit them in the Developer Tools, but they don’t save.  Is this done through XML code?

No problem.

Theres no XML-witchcraft involved :wink:
You just create a new In-Line snippet and paste the following code into it (make sure to replace the button-id with your id):

var button = $('#button-id');

button[0].className = 'nx-pagetitle-action ui-button ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all ui-button-text-icon-secondary';
button[0].children[0].className = 'ui-button-icon-secondary ui-icon fa-location-arrow sk-icon inline';

The resource location should be as follows:

Replace the code in the red rectangle with the above code:

So that it looks like this:

Hope this helps

hey hey!  awesome!  thank you so much!
one small thing… how would i write this if i was to utilize the array and hit multiple buttons?

Thanks for your good answer here David. Welcome to the Skuid community! 

You are very welcome :wink:

That would be an example when using an object array and looping through it:

Thank you Rob