Option to auto cast data types in WHERE clause subquery

If you use the option “Field from another model” in a model condition, as long as the condition makes sense, the query works, even if the initial data type was mismatched. It looks like Skuid auto casts the data type. For example, I have a text field on a  custom object that represents an Id and when using this method, the query will work (Skuid casts the text to an Id type in the query).

But when choosing the option “Result of a subquery” only matching data types are available via the Skuid page builder UI (at least for Id’s). And if you force the field through the XML you get a SOQL run time error saying something like “your where clause data type needs to match the field you’re filtering by.”

Can Skuid make it so that the field used in the where clause are auto casted to the data type we’re filtering the query by?