Operation Too Large error for one user but not another user?

Has anyone seen a scenario where one user gets an Operation Too Large error for one account, but when another user goes to that account it works just fine? It is definitely my Skuid page issue, but I’ve only seen this based on the specific record, not a specific user. The user that is getting the error can access other accounts without an issue.

Thanks for bringing this to the community Ryan. Looks frustrating.

Do both users have the same permission set? Are they both retrieving the same amount of information from salesforce on the same page? My thought is that the two users might not be the same from Salesforce’s perspective.

Hi Stephen - I have the same role/profile in SFDC as the user that is getting the error. But, I don’t get the error. Also - I had one user go to another page, then come back to that page and it worked. Seems pretty random right now.

I have confirmed that the users have the same permission set. Any more detail on that one?

Between the user that is getting the error and the user that is not getting the error - same exact account, same permission set, same role/profile in SFDC.

update - we found that when an account does not have a related opportunity, it will error out. When we do have an opportunity it works perfectly!

My question is - if I have deactivate condition set on my condition in that model that pulls in related opportunities, where else would I need to look to have it deactivate if none?

In that case, set to abort query.

I had thought about that - unfortunately, when I changed it to abort, it didn’t clean up the error. Any other thoughts? I’m going to go through my other models that I have tied into Related Opportunities and see if maybe that cleans it up.

Pat - you are amazing. I went through and added the Abort to all conditions calling the Related Opportunities model. That solved this mystery. How can I send you some gratitude??

I can jump onto a GTM in about 30 minutes.

Meh … I enjoy solving problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually! You’d be my hero if you could solve my issue.