Open Pop-up when navigating to a page

I’m trying to build one of those (annoying) pages where a pop-up displays before you view the page.  The pop-up will have a checkbox (“I’ve reviewed the Privacy Practices document”); I’ll use this to close the pop-up.

Ideas on how to achieve this?

Use an event to create the popup when the page renders.  On that popup, use an after close event to update a model field.  Then use rendering logic on the main content of your page to only display if that model field value resolves.  You can use a grid or wrapper to contain your content and keep the rendering logic centralized.

Hi Elissa! That sounds like a great use case for the actions framework. Here’s what you’ll want to do:

1. Under the Action Sequences tab in the composer, create an Event-Triggered Action Sequence (
2. For the triggering event, start typing “Page” and select Page: Rendered.
3. Add an action to your Action Sequence, action type “Show Modal” or “Show Popup”.
4. In the popup, put a field editor or form with the checkbox field. If the field doesn’t exist, and you just want this to be a UI control, you can create a UI-only field (
5. On the model that contains your checkbox field, add a Model Action, and for Initiating Event, select “Row Updated”, and pick that checkbox field as the triggering field. (Model Actions:
6. Under the Actions tab in your model actions property add an action type: “Close All Popups”.

That should give you the kind of behavior you’re looking for. Post back here if you have any questions! Thanks!

thank you!  Got it working perfectly.