Open pop up from search component

I would like to use the search component to open a popup as it’s select action. The popup would display the detail view of the record selected in the search results. It does not seem that this is currently possible. Anyone tried this?

Thought it would possible OOB, but then I went to test it myself. Return Objects aren’t available as a model to configure components in popup.

I’d suggest this post be converted to an idea and have return objects available for configuration when popup from Return Object actions.


Hi Raymond and Pat~

Is this what you are trying to do? Here is the search component in a header. Clicking on the phone icon next to the desired opportunity …

Now you have a popup that is linked to the opportunity record you selected …

If so, good news! It is available out of the box by doing the following:

Please let me know if that doesn’t address what you are hoping to do!


er … uh … did you set a model up for the task object on the page?

Thanks Karen, but I was hoping to have contacts and a custom object as my return objects and the select action would open a corresponding detail page for the Record clicked inside of a popup. Basically the same as it works now with redirect, but instead of redirect, I want it to open in a popup.

You can choose a popup as the action, but the search doesn’t seem to pass any context so I can’t pull up the specific record that was clicked in the popup.