Open link in new tab doesn't work

We have a page with tables, these have records with fields that contain references to SF objects, these display as links. If I click on the links, the correct SF object opens in the same tab. If, however, I chose to open the link in new tab from right click menu, all I get is the page with the tables again not the SF object. 

This means I can’t keep a skuid page open with all the filters etc applied and at the same time look at objects referenced in the tables. 


Instead of using the reference field in the table, use the name field. This will not be clickable so it will stop users from accidentally opening the record in the same frame. Then add a row action to open the record in a new tab or as a pop up.


thanks for the reply but we have multiple objects referenced in the row - project, owner, milestone etc. Is this a bug?



In order to reproduce your problem, I have to know which browser- and Skuid version you are working on…

Another alternative to using the reference field in your table is to use template fields and create your own hyperlinks by merging in the name fields. Then you can make your hyperlinks open in a new tab. Not as hard as it may sound.


we have version  8.11 of Skuid and are seeing this problem in Safari, Chrome and Edge


Can you try to update to a later version and see, if the problem persists?

Upgraded to 8.15.10 but the problem remains. click on the link goes to record, click open in new tab, I get the current page again. 

Hi. Any thoughts on this? Feels like a bug to me. Cheers Ben

Hi Ben

  • Can you see an error in the console?
  • When you right click on the link and inspect it, how does it look?


GCC-001 Energy manager

is this what you need to see?

I can provide more stuff if that is not what you need.


Jannick, any more help on this?




Sorry for my late reply.

Are you on Lightning?

Yes we are. 

Are you able to upgrade to the latest Skuid release (8.15.14)? It looks like that’s a bug, that should be fixed in there. 

* [SKUID-2477] - Wrong URL structure for record links when using a Skuid page in Lightning Component


I have upgrade but this still doesn’t work. Now the same Skuid page opens but without the SF header



We’ll have to further investigate this issue. As a workaround in the meantime, you could - as Raymond already suggested - create your own links in a template field.

That would look like: {{{Name}}}

target=“_blank” should open the record in a new tab.

Check if that works and let me know.

That works and is awesome (label from one field, link from another…).

Thanks to Jannick and Raymond.