Open for business


I’m finally set up. I’ve got the website up. I’ve got my essentials & advanced certifications. I’ve got the Skuid Ui Alliance Certified Consulting Partner status.

I’m very passionate about Skuid. I’ve got very discerning taste in UI design. I’m very honest about my capabilities. There are quite a few individuals here in the community that are much better javascript developers. That said, I always quote hourly for the time I believe it takes seasoned developers. I consider myself expert in all things Skuid except for javascript. I’d say I’m approaching ‘very good’ in this realm. So, if it’s javascript heavy work, I’ll potentially quote 4 hours and work 6 hours to fulfill the requirement.

I don’t mean to sell myself short, but I do want to set the expectation. There are plenty of testimonials on the site to shore up any lack of confidence. :)

Congrats Pat!  Exciting new roads ahead for you…  

It’s been a roller coaster ride since October when I really realized what Skuid was capable of.

Nice work, Pat!