Open Drawer when another row action is activated

Does anyone know how to open a draw in a row when another row action is triggered.

For example: I have a drawer and a pop up row action. When I click the pop up action button I would like the drawer in that row to open as well.


Haven’t tried it, but how about in one action framework:

  • Set UI Only field drawerOpened to True on Row
  • Open Drawer
  • Open Popup
Then conditionally render another row action for closing the drawer using the drawerOpened field.


There’s not really a good way to do this, unless you want to add an “open drawer” action to the sequence for your popup, and copy+paste the XML for your drawer into the new drawer definition. You’d have to maintain two identical versions of your drawer.

This post may have some help as well:…

Thanks for the suggestions.

Pat - I am not sure I follow your suggestion. How does the drawer automatically open?
Matt - I took a look at that tutorial and I think that is the best option I’ve come across.

Setup the row action as if it was meant for a drawer. Than tack on to the end a action for the popup.

This would be a great scenario for Barry’s “Action Runner Component”.