Open all links in a new tab by default

Hi all,

Quick question: is it possible to set all links on a Skuid page to open in a new tab without using a Javascript snippet? Is there a setting I’m overlooking somewhere?



For button redirects, you can use this setting.

If you are using Skuid themes, I think you can adjust the default ‘setting’ for links for your app globally. Otherwise, I think you would need to update the links using JavaScript.



Thanks for the response, Bill! It would be ideal if I could apply this setting via a theme. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to locate this anywhere in the theme editor. Any ideas where I might find this setting? Thanks again.

I don’t think this is a theme setting.  Pretty sure you need to go to javascript here. 

Here is a community post about this:…

But warning…  This will adjust ALL links - even the ones in the salesforce header.  When I’ve used this script its caused unintended consequences

Thanks Rob! Since it was only one link that was causing bother, I wrote a bit of JS to amend that link’s behaviour instead of changing all links globally. 

Perhaps a setting you guys could put in for a feature request, though? I wouldn’t ask, except it looks like Chrome removed the option to open all links in a new tab by default some months ago too. Although I know there are keyboard shortcuts, it’s a shame to have to write JS every time you want a link to open in a new tab. Would be great to be able to configure this.

IF the field is read only - or is in a field editor you can use a template with href code. Something like {{{Account.Name}}}

Having said that - the enhancement request has been noted.

Robs suggestion worked perfectly for me (Having account names link to the account in new tab.) Just make sure the is actually :wink:

Worked for me thanks!