Open a detail record on new tab in community site doesn't work

@Anna_Wiersema We cannot reproduce the issue using standard Salesforce components. I mean the standard Salesforce components work properly as expected.

Additionally, we have changed to a different template (Customer Service, Customer Account Portal template) but the issue still exists.

Could you please help to check this issue again?

@Anna_Wiersema Please help me review this issue.

Hey @Kevin ! I will help you solve this issue. I just sent you a DM

Hi @Germany, could you please help me solve this issue in this topic?

hey @Kevin , and of course. can you please check your messages, I sent you a DM a while back to set up a call so i can get more context and see what is happening. can you please reply back to it?

Hey @Kevin , our engineering team has confirmed there is an issue with how we’re handling detail page links in communities. There is not a target date for getting this issue addressed yet but our devs are aware of it. We will let you know when the fix is available.

Thanks again for your patience.

Hi @anon57098112 , could you please update me on this issue?

This issue impacts seriously our current work. Could you please fix it soon? @anon57098112 @Anna_Wiersema