Only show the time portion of a datetime field

I’m working on setting up our rules for a task’s due date and reminder date/time. For our business needs, the date portion of the reminder will always be the same as the task’s due date. We want to only show the time portion of the reminder field. Ideally, it would work this way:

  • Due date: always required.
  • Reminder date/time: user only sees options for entering the time (not the date portion).
  • If the user enters a time, the date portion of the reminder = the due date.
  • If the user does not enter a time, no reminder is set.
Is this possible? I can’t tell how Skuid knows if there’s a reminder set, but I THINK it’s based on whether or not the date is set. Since I want to set the date ‘behind the scenes’ to be the due date, will there be problems?

And are there any defaults that can be set on the datetime picker? Or would this all need to be accomplished via javascript?

Unfortunately,  the fact that your question has gone most of a week without getting answered should give you a clue that its not going to be completely straightforward.  Here are a few thoughts: 

Skuid does not have a renderer that just allows entry of “time values”   You would have to create your own.  I can imagine a pretty cool clock control for time selection.  Its not impossible, but more than is done in a quick forum response. 

Then, I think you could use a model condition to popuplate the date section of the reminder field with the due date values - but I think you might run into some interesting scenarios. For example, the “if no time entered - no reminder set” requirement would be tough.  The model condition would populate the “reminder field”  and probably have a time of 0:00 - which the system would think were active changes that should be saved with anything else. 

Skuid can access the “reminder set” boolean from the task object and set it.  I’m pretty sure that field works in conjunction with the reminder date. 

Good luck. 

Circling back on this after a few months. 

There is a utility Time API Method that will parse the time element out of a date time field.  It requires a javascript date field (which in turn can be parsed from a salesforce date time field using another utility method. 

The syntax for formatting time is: 

skuid.time.formatTime(‘formatting’,fieldName)     Where formatting is a string like ‘h:mm a’  and fieldNamei s a reference to the date time field. 

The snytax for converting a SF datetime field to a JS date field is


The time parsing method will get documented in our javascript API docs.  We are just really busy…