Only SFDC Admins can see Drawer Contents

I have a Drawer set up to pull the detail of a record, however, only SFDC system administrators can see the contents of the drawer.  All of our users are assigned to a SF permission set that allows them to view/edit these fields.  I did notice though that under the Skuid Viewer permission set these particular fields are not checked, but not editable either.  

Any suggestions?

Hi Justin, Just ruling out the basic stuff here:

- Have you tested visibility of the record(s) & specific fields with a standard (non-skuid) page layout?
- Do users have access to the rest of the skuid page, excluding everything in the drawer?
- Does your SF permission set give access to the visualforce page(s) running the skuid page?

Let us know if none of that helps.

  • Yes.  Our users can see the page through any normal non-Skuid page (read/edit)
    - Yes, they can see the rest of the page fine.  It is only the drawer that is failing.  The model of the table is a specific record type of a Task.  The Drawer then pulls up details from the parent object that the Task is related to.  They have access to both the Parent and the Task.
    - Yes, the Profile that is applied to the users has permission to see the VF page.  

I have included a screen shot of our setup as well as a more thorough description. I am not sure if it is possible for the query to work for an admin but not a regular user for any reason other than a permissions issue.

  • Parent object - Jobs
  • Child object - Tasks
  • Table component references Tasks
  • Drawer Before Load: Activate & Set Jobs, JoIDName condition, Value {{WhatID}}
  • Query Model: Jobs, Get More
  • Components in Drawer: Model: Jobs, Context: as imaged below.

It does sound like a permissions issue, because Admins are seeing the expected results.

Does the permission set you’ve built enable visibility on the specific ‘Record Id’ field being passed into the query & context condition? (The Id field may not be rendered in the page, but it still needs to be visible to the browser if its going to be passed into a condition somewhere).

Apart from that I’m a bit stumped on this one.

Interesting.  I created a few additional test pages and found something.  I am now receiving an error that states the following:

There is an implementation restriction on OpenActivities. When you query this relationship, security evaluation is implemented for users who don’t have administrator permissions, and only a single parent record may be evaluated. 

An unexpected error has occurred. Your solution provider has been notified. (skuid)


Here is some detail on the open activities issue.

I think it is the reason for your problem. 

I believe limiting the number of tasks requested in a single query will be sufficient to solve the problem 

Rob - Thank you that worked!  

It was the same issue that was identified in the other post. There was a field called OpenActivities in one of the models.  However, I am fairly confident that I did not add this field to the model.  Did Skuid add this field due to multi object relationships of the drawer?