Only Save/Cancel button per Page Title. :(

Can’t you create buttons with the action framework that gives you save/cancel functionality and conditionally render based on that?

I can but then the extra functionality that I want in the Save/Cancel button is lost.

That said, I can recreate the missing functionality with additional Actions. That’ll work, but I’d prefer that this was allowed. :confused:

Yup. That does pretty much the exact same thing now.

Sounds buggy…

Guys.  This is a known issue and we are working to resolve it.  Joe is right…  Its Buggy.  In the mean time you can use separate save and cancel buttons (but this means you have to implement 4 buttons instead of 2 - and that is a pain!)

We’re on it… 

Don’t you 3 buttons? I can still use 1 Save/Cancel button.