Only able to call Apex in Sandbox

Hello Everyone

I stumbled across a squite painful problem.
I built a skuidpage which calls a apex to send mails upon buttonclick. It all works perfectly fine in Sandbox, but we pushed it to a live org and it just plain out fails

i get this error in the console:

the Apex looks as follows:

public class SendMailsToParticipants{ 
static void SendMails(List<string> emails) {  

static void SendMails(List emails) {

    String eventId = recipients[0];
    Event e = [SELECT id FROM Event WHERE id = :eventId];
    List<messaging.singleemailmessage> mailList =  new List<messaging.singleemailmessage>();
    for(String recipient : recipients){
        Messaging.SingleEmailMessage mail = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();mail.setTemplateId([select id from EmailTemplate where developername='EventUpdatedEmail'].id);mail.setTargetObjectId([SELECT id FROM User WHERE id = :recipient].id);mail.saveAsActivity = false;mail.setWhatId(;mailList.add(mail);

} String recipients = emails.get(0).split(’,’);</messaging.singleemailmessage></messaging.singleemailmessage>

i can’t figure out why its failing, the users have rights and i use the exat same data to test on live as on sandbox

Any ideas?


Try and reduce your URL to just /apex/SendMailsToParticipants

Thanks for the Idea Gregg, Unfortunely i can’t alter the URL path. I call it as “Run Custom Apex Action”.Therefore the URL gets built automatic

Hi Matti

Log into the production Org and paste this into the URL:

This will tell you what you are getting.

It may be a compile error relating to that only top-level class methods can be declared static.

Try that and let me know.

Do Users in Production have access on their Profile / via assigned Permission Sets to your SendMailsToParticipants Apex Class?

Any update on this I have the same issue?