OneDrive Upload Error on Skuid Native


I’ve been able to successfully connect OneDrive to Skuid Native.  I can see my files and my folders.

When I attempt to upload a file that is not a CSV, I get the following error.  CSV files seem to upload just fine.  Any ideas?

<br>{"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"The Content-Range header length does not match the provided number of bytes."}

Hi Mansour, we saw that your post was still unresponded. Can you confirm that this only happens in Skuid Native, or does it happen when previewing on a computer as well?

Just on Native.

I will try to reproduce this.  I will start today.

I was able to reproduce this.  I tried a few different file types while kicking my test page around.  My next step is to create a bug report for Skuid engineers.