One Page Rendering White in Lightning

I have a particular page that is rendering as white while in Lightning, the odd thing is that this page is rendering perfectly fine in Classic.  I’m using Visualforce overrides to achieve the page overrides.

Page XML:

Visualforce Page:

Console Log:

Note that all of my other pages work completely fine so it is a page-specific issue.


Bump, anyone have any ideas?

The links that lightning provides in the console log certainly appear to be relevant. It’s difficult for me to go beyond those because the XML has too much custom components. The biggest one of concern is the last one - big and red. Everything else looks like it wouldn’t make the go white. It looks like the theme builder is where your problem likely could be.

What version of Skuid are you using? Do you have the option to update your themes? Can you provide any more information regarding when it broke? Has it ever worked on lightning? Was it working prior to a specific change?

Thanks for the follow up Stephen, I updated out of date themes and upgraded to 9.5.2 which seemed to resolve the blank page issue.  I am now getting an error upon loading that page now, though.

“Uncaught Action failed: skuid:page$controller$loadedScripts [skuid.platform.set is not a function]throws at…

Any ideas?

What loads on the page? Does the page work like you want it to in lightning?

The page loads fine, nothing is missing from what I can tell.  I tested a few actions I have setup and those seem to work fine as well.

My grandpa always said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 

Sometimes errors show up in the console but they aren’t creating any problems. They can be puzzling but they aren’t worth the brain cells. If your page has a functionality or appearance problem, that’s when the time for action is upon us all.

Sorry Stephen I should have clarified, it’s coming up as a Lightning Error, meaning a popup comes up on every load of the page.

That’s a bigger problem.

What happens if you press “ok”? Does the page work? Is it just a nuisance or is it a big thing? 
It appears it isn’t liking javascript. If you remove the custom javascript, does it still appear?

If I push OK the page seems to work fine, all actions work without issue.  It’s a nuisance but it’s one our users won’t want to deal with.

I removed all of our custom JS from the page and the error still comes up unfortunately.

But this only happens on this page, correct?

Correct, all other pages load fine without error, this is the only page that shows this error.

Also worth noting that this error only happens in Lightning, in Classic the page loads fine.

What does the console look like upon page load?

Here’s what I see, mostly warnings but there is an error occurring.

Thanks for all your help!

I’ll show that to my team tomorrow morning and see if they have any more insight to provide.

Thank you very much Stephen.  Let me know if you need anything else.

For anyone who stumbles upon this later:

Clearing the cache will fix this problem.