Once you turn on Secondary button on you cant turn it off.

I was thinking I wanted to use secondary buttons on my Cancel buttons for a wizard I was creating. After some design reviews the team decided that they didn’t like them. I went in and unchecked the secondary checkbox and saved and the button is still staying secondary. I reviewed the XML and it has the value false on Cancel Secondary button. I have checked and then unchecked saving both times and still it wont change. I have a couple actions tied to the button so I would really like to not rebuild it. Can someone suggest a way for me to change it back to a normal button from the secondary button. Running Skuid Version 7.27.4

Hi Sierra~

I was able to reproduce the problem you experienced but I was able to modify the XML to make it a primary button again via a workaround. In the XML, delete the secondary=“false” and you should be good to go.

Hope that helps!

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See video.