On table export community useres getting "insufficient privileges" error

When partner community users attempt to export table data they are given an “insufficient privileges” error.  I have looked through the profile settings but can’t seem to identify what permission is missing.

We had this same problem, and it was solved by going into your org’s visual force pages and finding three pages that were created with the Skuid managed package.  Clone these three (which removes the namespace) and everything should work again.

The three pages to find and clone are:
You must find the following 3 VF Pages that come in the Skuid app / managed package, and create a local clone of each of them with the exact same name:

  1. ExportData
  2. UploadImage
  3. Include

Make sure you grant access to the VF pages to your community profiles after you clone them.

Thanks Chandra V enabling those VF pages for community users worked.