On tab override, tab not selected

So when I click on the Cases tab, my customized Cases List page is displayed, but the Home tab, rather than the Cases tab is selected. Why is this happening? Did I forget something when setting the override? or is it a problem in Skuid?

Don’t worry, this is an easy problem to solve! Just go into the Page Builder for your Cases List page and under Edit Page Properties make sure to type in Cases as the Tab to Override.

Anna, in Skuid 2.0 (this should be updated in tutorials as well) we have modified the way that Tab Overrides work to make them support multi-language (in Skuid 1, as soon as you changed to French, tab overrides would stop working for all translated tabs). As the modified Help Text for the “Tab to Override” property in the Skuid Page Builder indicates, “Tab to Override” should be set to the name of the SObject or Visualforce Tab being overriden. Examples of what to put for “Tab to Override” in both Skuid 1, Skuid 2: (a) The Cases Tab -Skuid 1: “Cases” -Skuid 2: “Case” (b) the Page Assignments Tab (a Custom Object included in Skuid package) -Skuid 1: “Page Assignments” -Skuid 2: “skuid__Page_Assignment__c” (c) the “Holidays” Tab (a Custom Object created in a customer’s org) -Skuid 1: “Holidays” -Skuid 2: “Holiday__c” (d) The “Start Here” tab (a Visualforce tab created in a customer’s org) -Skuid 1: “Start Here” -Skuid 2: “Start Here”