On MassUpdate screen Picklists show all values (vs limited by recordtype)

At the individual item level in the table, the correct values display but when you click on the mass update button it ignores it (vs rendering it relative to record type available in the model)

Correctly showing the available values based on record time (on individual records).

Incorrectly Showing all possible values in the mass update pop-up. 

Hi Ian,

There is a way to limit the values displayed to just those relevant for a particular RecordType — you have to add the RecordTypeId field to your Table. Mass Update currently determines which fields it will show based on the fields/columns in the underlying Table. If RecordTypeId is in your table, then what you’ll be able to do from Mass Update is to pick the Record Type, then any Dependent Picklists will be updated to show just values relevant to the selected Record Type.

However, I like your idea about using the selected rows’ RecordTypes to limit the dependent picklist fields’ values. Of course this would be most useful if you only pick rows that all have the same Record Type, otherwise we’d have to show all Dependent Picklist values that match any of the Record Types of any rows selected, but assuming that you already have your Table filtered down to just a particular Record Type, this would probably not be an issue.

So we’ll add this as an enhancement idea.



Hi Zach,

Is there an update on this? I have a related issue where a dependent picklist shows no values since the controlling field is not on the underlying table. The controlling field is set by workflow, exists in the model and has data, but is not on the table.

The controlling fields should not have to be on the Table, only in the Model’s data. Make sure that the RecordTypeId field, and all controlling fields, are requested in the Model. For instance, if FieldC is controlled by FieldB which is controlled by FieldA, and the object has Record Types, then you must have all 4 of these fields in the Model, RecordTypeId, FieldA, FieldB, FieldC, in order for FieldC to properly render its dependencies, whether in Mass Update or in the table itself. 

I would expect that if all of the fields are in the Model, that you should be able to pick any value for FieldC from Mass Update regardless of whether RecordTypeId, FieldA, and FieldB are in the table (and thus in the Mass Update popup. Is that not happening?

Correct, that’s not what’s happening. I have the RecordTypeId, the controlling picklist and the dependent picklist all selected in the model. Only the dependent picklist is in the table but it shows no options on mass update. In the console, I’m able to see that the controlling field has data. Additionally, in the table itself the field is editable and properly shows the appropriate items.