Oh snap!!!! Skuidify.com has been SKUIDIFIED!

THAT IS AWESOME!!! Salesforce is now your content management system.

Care to share some guidance and lessons learned?

Yes. Sweetness.

Well played, Skuid.

Also, I’ve been thinking…

SFDC’s Chatter Answers + Skuid >= GetSatisfaction?

Well the equation really is:  

SFDC’s Chatter Answeres + Skuid + BUILD TIME > GetSatisfaction.   

We are running short of that last element. 

How is this done such that skuidify.com isn’t something like force.com/skuidify ?

Also, can you make a sample managed packaged of this?

Ohh… I need to hear this.  We have a community with a fully custom domain (no .force anywhere) and I am re-building it in Skuid.  I’m nervous about the pages working in the custom domain once I try it out in production.

You have to manage your own domain name,  and set up the domain registration provider so that your domain points to the force.com site. 
Then in the force.com setup you define the external url…

It would be great if you’re web dev guy you hired to skuidify skuidify.com would be able to write a tremendous how-to on this. Any plans for this? Not just domain registration thing, but lessons learned, how it compares to anything at all, pros and cons, etc.

by “web dev guy you hired to skuidify skuidify.com”, you must mean our VP of marketing who built the Skuid part all himself. #truestory 

the Skuid to sites stuff and “turning it on” was handled by mostly by some of our tireless and humble product engineers (at least I think it was)

Hi Chandra, we have customers doing this in production without any problems.