OH NO!!! - The new update made my pages disappear!!!

I concur. Thanks all for your quick responses and willingness to work this out with Griffin. #Champions

Yeah - I just have to go through a bunch of my pages and switch the model order

This isn’t solved at all, by the way. It’s creating problems throughout my org. Switching the models doesn’t solve the problem in every case. 

Is there anyway to rollback the update? I’ve spent over 10 hours trying to fix the issues related to this.

ooh sorry. unmarking this as solved. I’ll let the product engineers weigh in about rolling back the update, unfortunately I think the answer is “it’s a very long and painful process that involves exporting all your pages and custom settings, uninstalling Skuid and reinstalling a previous version”


Griffin, can you Grant Login Access to Skuid Support? We would like to examine what’s going on here in detail. 

Still down?