OH NO!!! - The new update made my pages disappear!!!

So, I shouldn’t have done this but I installed the new release for Banzai, and now most of my pages won’t load.

What do I do?

In errors in the Developer Console?

Don’t panick :slight_smile:

Hi, Griffin. A few questions for you:

1. The pages won’t load in the Composer, runtime or both?
2. Are there any JavaScript errors being reported in the browser console?
3. Are you able to open the Skuid module pages (Page List, Skuid Settings)?
4. Are you using any custom themes? If so, does switching to a standard theme fix the issue?

I’m trying not to panic. It’s shut down my org :-/

1. It won’t run in runtime
2. Doesn’t appear to be a JS error (error listed below)
3. Yes - I can interact with the modules
4. I am using custom themes, but switching 

Uncaught NotFoundError: Failed to execute ‘observe’ on ‘MutationObserver’: The provided node was null.

There was an issue a couple of days ago with duplicate themes. Pat posted the resolution. Just throwing this out for consideration.

Can you post the stack trace?

I’m watching this thread and waiting to see if I can contribute. 

Irvin - how do I post the stack trace?

If you open the Theme List, do you see a button labeled “Update out of Date Themes” at the top? If so, try clicking it.

It’s all pages so what is common to all of them?

  • themes
  • permission set
  • master page but you aren’t using that
So check the permission is set is on your user.
Is it the same for all users? Is your org set w/ Login As for all users if you’re a Sys Admin?

I updated the themes and it processed very quickly. The pages aren’t rendering, though

Griffin, More than happy to jump on Skype with Pat and see if we can help.

  1. Different themes
    2. Permission sets aren’t in common
    3. Happens with my master page and those without
    4. I can login as anyone

Thank would be amazing. Let me download skype

My computer crashed. Itll be up shortly

Irvin and Pat helped me figure this out. It looks like my models were out of order. This wasn’t an issue until I updated to Banzai - Update 3

Just a word of warning to any early adopters out there - your pages may stop working due to mode order.

Thanks guys!

Thanks for the update Griffin. Can you describe the problem and solution in some more detail? I’d like to know if this is something we need to fix, or if this is something we need to document, but I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “mode order”.

We definitely recommend that you test upgrades in a sandbox org before pushing to production. Even if there are technically no “bugs” in a new version (which is always the goal, yet would be a remarkable achievement for any vendor), there are always complicated interdependencies that can produce unpredictable and undesirable results “in the wild”.

Missing the letter l. Model order. Figured it out w/ Griffin.

Strange thing. It used to work prior to his update. UI-Only Formulas in an upper model was referencing fields from a lower agg model. Reordered and started to work.

Nice work, gentlemen! Love this community.