odd rows in table not showing red when marked for deletion

Discovered first in 12.2.18

When you mark for deleted Odd Rows in a table, they don’t show red. In the images below, all three rows have been marked for deletion. Between the first and second screenshots, I change the row marked as “odd” to “even” in the console, and the colors flip. In the third screenshot you can see the row has the class nx-item.deleted but the background color is white

Upgrading to 12.2.21 and updating out of date themes did not help. The above is a custom theme based on Modern.

Hey Jack, I’m in 12.2.19 and don’t see that issue, any rows I select and mark to delete, show in red

Thanks Dave, what theme are you using?

Actually I confirmed that if I just create a new page that isn’t under our master page, it works. So something must have changed in our CSS somewhere. Thanks for prompting the extra search!

This is resolved, was a hidden CSS issue. 

Did not do much, but a pleasure :smiley: