Odd question. Can a standard link to records be "intercepted" in Skuid?

Odd question. Can a standard link to records be “intercepted” in Skuid?

Nope. You’d have to attach an onclick handler to every link, which is a Javascript/jQuery functionality than Skuid.

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Whoa! deja vu! Totally had this whole next part happen before.

I’ve done something before where all telephone fields on page were custom rendered using inline code and not individually setting a snippet on each field.

I’m wondering if I could do the same thing with this requirement.

Ok, I think I misread your initial post. Can you elaborate a little more on what exactly you are trying to do? Are you trying to change where the link goes, or are you trying to change how it’s rendered?

I’m trying to change what happens when you click on the link. I’d like to update the window.history using pushState and then run some additional javascript.

Cool, yeah you could probably use something similar to this.

You will probably have to change the selector to be more specific, and maybe add a class to the types of links that you want to intercept.

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