Odata Model Conditions not working

I’m currently digging into the new OData Model functionality in SKUID. I have the model connected and it can see the external data source and it can see the fields.

I began by just pulling the first 20 records without conditions and that worked perfectly.

My next test was to add a condition based on a parameter ID. When I preview I am getting the same 20 records as in the original example rather than a filtered result set.

Here is what my Model Condition looks like:

When I go into the Network / XHR communications I can see that the OData request does not seem to have any filter parameters on it. Here is what the external request looks like.

I am thinking that based on the OData 4 specification I should see a $filter parameter with the conditions.

NOTE: I am running this example on SF/SKUID 9.5.4

Also note that I get the expected behavior (correct results in SKUID and URL $filter parameters passed via XHR) when running this example on a SKUID Platform instance.


I’m on 9.5.2 but am seeing this behavior for a record detail page where

  • the left is from an OData source and does not provide a magnifying glass to select the desired record and
  • the right is from a Salesforce account and does provide a magnifying glass to select the desired record …

If so, we are looking into this and will update you when we have more information.


Joseph, can you tell us about the datasource you’re connecting to? I’ve been able to successfully query the Northwinds test data source using OData ver. 4.0 and filter on CompanyID as well as Country.