Object without Related Object

I am trying to setup a tab view that lists Assets in our account that do not have Implementation Plans created for them.  Implementation Plans (IPs) is a custom object that we create off of the Asset.  When building a report I would accomplish this by doing a ‘Cross-Filter’ to say Assets without IPs or a Assets without IPs report type.

I cannot figure out how to replicate this in Skuid.  Since the IP is related to the Asset, there is no field on the Asset that I can filter the conditions by to show just Assets without IPs.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Hey, Adam,

So, if I’m correct, Implementation Plan is the child object and Asset is the parent object? If so, you can create a model for the child object (Implementation Plan) and one for the parent object (Asset). Make sure the IP model comes first. To bring in only IPs that have Assets, create a condition on your IP model where the Asset field is NOT (!=) a blank value (this condition is not absolutely necessary… it will just help your IP model data load faster by filtering out any unnecessary records). Then, on your Asset model, create a condition where Id equals the Asset Id field from any row returned by the IP model. To set this condition:

  1. Select Id as the field for the condition.
  2. Change the value to content type “Field from another model” (before you change the condition’s operator). Let the source model be your IP model, and the source field be the Asset field.
  3. Go back and change the operator to in instead of =
**Important Consideration: You need to pull ALL IPs (that have Assets) into the IP model in order for this to work. So, on Advanced settings for your IP model, leave the “Max # of records (Limit)” field empty! Of course, depending on how many IP records you have, bringing in all this data could make your page load slower. Just something to consider.

Hi Adam,

Also, check out the first 15 minutes of this Skuid Deep Dive we did on Conditions and Filters — it speaks directly to the with / without related objects use case.

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