Notify Opportunity owner

Trying to notify the owners of opportunities and I’ve added it in the page but I’m getting this error. "1. A Skuid Model, ‘opportunities’, requested a Field with relationship name ‘Owner.SendUserNotificationEmails’, on the Opportunity Object, but Skuid could not find a valid Field accessible through this relationship name. Please check that this Field actually exists on this Object (or on any related Objects). If it does not exist, remove it from this Model."

We have professional and I think I know where mt problem is, this field isn’t in the native salesforce layout; I dont see it to add it.  

A while back I got this from Zach.  It is the same problem I had when I tried to use notify user in my case form?  If so, can I have the same help?

"Aaron, sorry for the frustrations you’re having here — we know what’s going on. There’s another field called “SendUserNotificationEmails” that needs to be checked, which will do exactly what you’re looking for. 

Bad news— this field is not showing up for the Case object right now — we will fix this in our next patch release of Skuid. 
Good news—it’s possible to use this field today, if you edit the XML of your page. If you Grant Login Access to Skuid Support, I’ll do this for you ASAP. Once you have Granted Login Access, send Support an email letting us know, and if possible include your Org Id."

Any help would be appreciated.  Our CEO wants to assign opportunities to the sales guys and he wants them to be notified via Salesforce.


Aaron, if the field is not available for your standard layout,  you will probably not be able to use it in Skuid. 

But here may be a workaround. 

On your opportunity table you can build a action framework sequence as a row action.   Your CEO can change the owner in that row and then push the “assign” button.  The sequence triggered would be as follows. 

1. Save Opportunity Row
2. Create row in Task model
2B (substep) create default value “Assigned to” = to OpportunityOwner
2C (substep)   Create WhatID = Opportunity ID
Etc… add values to the task to make it meaningful ie  Subject = “The Boss has given you a Gift” 

Then make sure your team gets notifications on new tasks.   

I think that would allow notifications to be sent just for the opportunities that have been changed, when they are changed. 

Fun Fun!