On our Account Detail page i would like to create an alert that displays at the top of the page, how ever i would only like it to display when a certain criteria is met say an account is past due. I have a field on the page that displays how many days past due the account is.What is the best way to accomplish this( A Text component with Rendering conditions?) Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Thank you

Hi, this can be done simply enough

1- on top of page add a rich text or Page title (or whichever component you rather use) + add warning text…

2-Then click on that “component” created above, and add a rendering condition to it’s property

Example: Days_past_due__c > 0

So as soon as any account on which that criteria is met, the text will appear

View this training guide for more details on Rendering conditions:

Hope it helps

Thank you

Just to add.
You could also use Template component and add rendering condition to its property. Make sure its not connected to any model. You could select Allow HTML checkbox to make interactive warning text.