Notes for Mobile

Hello All, 

iv created a mobile page with account detail page I have a bunch of buttons that act as related list. Click a button - left panel pops up shows records for that related list. 

Im attempting to create a Notes “related list” and cant seem to figure the trick for it when creating a model. 

the model, from my knowledge has no account id so I have no way to make show only notes that related to that account. 

Anyone have any ideas for this? Or, em I doing something completely wrong that I haven’t noticed…?

Thank you for your help!~

I believe the note is attached to a record via the Parent ID field. You should be able to build your conditions around that field as if it were the Account ID field. notes use Parent ID because they can be attached to multiple objects.

Hi Raymond Thanks for your help. 

So for the model I’m using notes. I tried using the field parent id as the conditiona to link to the account id and I didn’t get any results.

Thank you

Not sure, but you could try: 1) remove all conditions 2) with no conditions on, some rows should be returned. If not, you should investigate your model settings 3) add the parent id to your notes layout and see what type of data is returned. See if it is consistent with your account ID’s. There may be an object prefix on the ParentID. For example: the account Id may be 67788886554 and the parent id may be AOE67788886554 or something like that. The prefix would indicate which object the note is attached to. I can’t remember off the top of my head if that is how it works or not

No result. I have a model tied to the notes object with no conditions - still not seeing anything. thanks for your help Raymond.

If anyone else has had this request happened before please provide step by step procedures. 

As of now im just trying to create a model where I can capture notes, and link them to the account. so basiclally only show me notes under this account - i have a related list type setup - I just cant seem to pull the data. 


Possible reasons: 1) there are no note records in your Salesforce org 2) your user doesn’t have permission to the notes object 3) you have your model set to not load data on page load.