Not getting notifications from Skuid community


I have all notifications activated in preferences, but the last notification I got was in Sept 8th. Checked my spam, but nothing in there either.

Hmmm, thanks for letting us know, Raymond.

To get the obvious questions out of the way, did you double check the email address in your profile to make sure it’s spelled correctly and that it’s the email where you expect to be notified?

@here - are any other users experiencing this? Personally the last community notification email I received was September 18, but I don’t have many email notifications enabled.

I did not get a notification of your response (for example). The email address is correct, but when I try to view my profile i get this error:

Permission Problem

You don’t have permission to do that.

I just got an email notification so this must be working again. Thanks.

Raymond, thanks for letting us know! Keep us posted if you see any more issues like this.