Not able to upload some pdf files in skuid page in IE11, was able to load them in mozilla & chrome

I added file upload component in skuid page, which adds attachments to a record of custom object.

While adding few pdf’s it is throwing an error “Could not upload file” in IE11, on the side of the upload button.
I am also not get getting any error message in console window when hitting upload button.

The upload is working good with some other pdf’s, I am not sure why it is treating few pdf’s as exception in IE 11.

The upload is happening good for all the pdf’s in mozilla and chrome.


Did anyone find any issues while uploading PDF’s using file upload on IE11
The issue i am getting is not because of the pdf size or security.
It is a normal PDF.


Hi Venkata~

What size is the pdf you are trying to upload? Skuid uses different methods to upload files based on the size of the file. Try uploading a file < 100 kb and one > 700 kb and let us know what happens.