Not able to see required field error message when clicking wizard save button rather than page title

we created wizard save button with some  account required input fields in wizard.when ever we are click save button,its not showing required field error message.How we need to display error message in this case

To add to Soundar’s description above, we are using a page include inside of a pop up to add some related records to an underlying parent record. We have a button labeled ‘Save and Close.’ We have the following actions tied to the Save and Close button:

 - Save model changes (2 separate models)
 - Create a new row in a model and populate 2 separate fields
 - Save the model for the created row
 - Close the pop up

We have 4 required fields on the pop up (outlined in red) but if one or more of them are not populated when trying to click ‘Save and Close’ there is no response from the application at all. Ideally, we would like to display these error messages at the top of the page so that the user can see which fields they have to populate in order to proceed.

If anyone has run into this issue before and/or has any suggestions on what the fix might be we would greatly appreciate your help!