Not able to search Knowledge Article using Search component

I am using Search Component in my page to search articles from Knowledge Article object. When I have provided some value into search bar, I am getting error as response [{“statusCode”:200,“type”:“rpc”,“tid”:2,“ref”:false,“action”:“skuid.RemotingStubs”,“method”:“doSearch”,“result”:“{”“sosl”“:”“FIND ‘vi*’ IN All Fields RETURNING To__kav(ArticleNumber,PublishStatus LIMIT 11)”“,”“results”“:null,”“error”“:”“Implementation restriction: When querying or searching the To__kav object, you must filter using the following syntax: Id = [single ID], Id IN [list of ID’s] or PublishStatus = [status]. In addition PublishStatus is only permitted in a top-level AND condition.”“}”}] As Search component is using SOSL, we can not provide any filter for PublicStatus and Language for this object. The same is working with Table component as I am using Model for Please find screenshot

I think this is an unfortunate limitation of how Salesforce has implemented both Knowledge and SOSL.  They are not intersecting elegantly. 

I’m sorry.