Not able to default a record type id value

I am having trouble defaulting  a record type id value on a skuid page. 


Have a skuid page that is invoked from either Opportunity or Account page & the parameter changes depending on from where the page is invoked 

  1.  /UI?Oppid=0064B00000DZB3V (for opportunity)  
  2. /UI?Accid=0064B00000DZB3V (for Account). 
The object in SFDC has 2 record types ( Account , Opportunity)

The Record Type field in Skuid is set to picklist (field Renderer)

Also have 2 Action branches on the model (On creation of a new row) based on condition

  1. If ISBLANK({{{Opportunity_Linked__c}}}) = false then default Record type to the Opportunity Record Type Id
  2. ISBLANK({{{Account_Linked__c}}}) = false then default Record type to the Account Record Type Id 
The problem is that the record Type field in Skuid always defaults to Account 

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


I think you need to change the Field for the first “Update a field on rows” action to be RecordTypeId (no “.”) instead of RecordType.Id — RecordType.Id is not an updateable field, so this action as you currently have it configured won’t actually do anything. If you use RecordTypeId, it should work.