Noob alert- when using the Skuid Dev SIte ( I seem to be missing the correct callback

As per title- Setting up SF as data source worked fine (but we have the callback url tool too). Perpetually getting error from MS that he URL is not included but I have included everything I can think of- 
I know I prob missing something simple. Thanks in advance!

Not sure how I missed this link

But thanks Raymond et. al.

One note though since I messed up on documentation site earlier. The actual callback URL that worked was in that version of the docs but not the latest (the one for SF is but not platform).

So if you don’t want to follow the bread crumbs here are the examples given:
Skuid Platform

For Skuid Platform sites, simply append /auth/oauth/callback to your Skuid site’s domain URL. Some examples:
OneDrive working like a champ!