Non-Skuid Users "Insufficient Privileges"

This Skuid article suggests I shouldn’t have to worry about Non-Skuid users:…

But I am getting the following error when trying to load a standard tab page:
Insufficient PrivilegesYou do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary. 

I have a Page assignment pointing to a Skuid page for a particular profile, and this is in a sandbox org.

Please help, as I am very close to rolling this out for users.



Make sure that your users have access to the Visualforce override pages that you are using to override the Tab action — go to Setup > Pages, find your page, and click “Security” next to it, then ensure that your users’ profiles have access to these VF pages.

Hi Zach,

I added the profiles to security on the VF page which redirects Account for Tab action, and even tried the skuid.redirects apex class security settings.

No Dice.

Any other ideas?

Hi Jacob, one of the confusing things here is that in a Sandbox, all of your users have Skuid licenses (you have a Site license to Skuid in Sandbox). Therefore, your standard users are getting passed through to Skuid content. Which means that they’re being sent to Skuid Visualforce pages, which they don’t have Permissions to see, which is causing the error you’re seeing. To correct this in the Sandbox, you’ll need to assign your standard users the “Skuid Page Viewer” PermissionSet.

This won’t be a problem in Production. Once you’re in Production, you will have a limited set of Skuid licenses to assign. Users that don’t have a Skuid license will be redirected to standard pages, no matter what. You will NOT need to assign them the Skuid Page Viewer PermissionSet unless you assign them a Skuid license and want them to actually see Skuid contents.

So, trust us on this — once you get to Production, standard users without a Skuid license will just be sent to standard layouts. It’s confusing to not have the same experience in Production and Sandbox, but we (Skuid) are forced to give you a Site license in sandboxes, we can’t do anything about that.


Has a script to add the permission set to all users.  

Thanks Zach