Non minified js in lieu of documentation?

Just a thought, but it would very very very helpful to get the non minified js to be review the code and decipher the function. Still commented and non minified oh joy!


As long as we promise not to steal your code and resell it under another name, right?

Or at the very worst access for Partners only. I mean the minified code is most of the IP anyway.

Sorry Pat.  That’s not going to happen…  We are working really hard on the documentation tho… 

Don’t get what you ask for sometimes. :slight_smile:

As Rob said, not going to happen. Sorry gang! We are working on the documentation though - we’ve updated some of the API documentation and as soon as we finish migrating our old ScreenSteps tutorials to, we’ll be digging deep again.

Shannon, I am curious. Is a custom Skuid creation or is it a third party tool like Screensteps? Always looking for good tools to use for our company.  Thanks!