NLX and Proper SDLC

I’ve skimmed through the deployment process for deploying changes in NLX using skuid CLI.

I’d like to be able to have a more sophisticated and clean implementation of changes vs what seems like all or nothing. Even granular updates to any of the Skuid Object Structure.

The best example of what I would like is what Gearset is for Salesforce. It’s the ultimate deployment tool for SF hands down.

Any plans or options of this?

Skuid and Source Control. Its a big topic. Our metadata gets packaged with bigger stacks (both in the Salesforce Ecosystem and outside of it). Larger deployment tools like GearSet get used for source integration and CI/CD. We are working to better integrate with them.

We’ve seen some really cool integrations with Github Actions and other deployment servers that diff the changes retrieved from one Dev Org - and just push those changes to target Testing / Integration / Production orgs. But those are not necessarily built in Skuid…