nifty convert Lead and Find Duplicates URL tweak

Here is the standard way to make use of the Convert Lead and Find Duplicates functionality.


In my opinion, there is not that much to gain from attempting to create a custom Skuid page for this functionality. One thing that can be done is to remove the header and sidebar. Add the  URL parameter “&isdtp=vw”. This is especially useful if you’ve created a “skinned” experience of salesforce.

isdtp is a really cool URL hack, but keep in mind that there is no official support for it from Salesforce. They could decide to just stop using it without warning. Also, I’ve seen several requests for help from people on the internet who’ve used this parameter and it’s broken something on their otherwise working page. I’d recommend avoiding this parameter whenever possible.


Yup. I’ve read those as well.

From my tests, these two URLs work fine with this parameter set.