Next Release Dedicated to Documentation, Help Button, Sample Pages and Skuid CRM.

Please, please … please.

Skuid Superbank and Banzai are certainly blazing a path.

But, in doing so, it has felt as though documentation and samples come as an afterthought.

It’s true that most of the new features are self explanatory, but I’d to be able to go to a new feature and click the “Help Button” to get to the related page in It would be great to find documentation, sample code and a youtube video. Best yet, links to the related API calls used for this feature.

Icing on the cake would be a new Skuid CRM package with samples to every feature possible! Everything possible!

It just feels like the path could be so well lit to get new people to skuid directly to their solution so much faster.

The one saving grace to this realm of thought is this Community. It’s the fastest moving community I’ve ever been part of.

A product is only as good as it’s documentation (+ examples and reference implementations) and support.  Skuid has an awesome support infrastructure.  Please do not let the documentation lag behind.

I think all of you will be pleased with work that we are doing.  Too early to pull back the curains entirely - but just rest assured that you are heard and we will be dedicating some good time and energy to our documentation. 

Thanks for your patience.   


Sounds like something new as opposed to additions to the current.