Next n Days - Activate and Set Value issue

I have a condition that is set to Next n Days on a date/time field with the value of n being 1.

I have a manual filter on a table using this model that has a manual source of Activate and Set Value, and the number 7 for the value. This is returning no rows.

The filter works if I only activate it, and not set the value too. My goal is to have a dropdown filter where the user can select 7, 14, 30, and 60 days from the filter list and it inject those days for the “n” value in the condition.


Modify your filter as follows (note that I am showing ‘LAST_N_DAYS’…change yours to ‘NEXT_N_DAYS:’)

Change the ‘Value’ property to include the ‘NEXT_N_DAYS:’ along with the number of days. This should get you what you want.



Perfect! Thank you for the response.