'Next' at base of table becomes 'Load More' once data limit reached

Just a thought, and I’m not sure if this has been requested before:

Users sometimes find the concept of the ‘Load More’ data button confusing when paired with having to select ‘Next’ at the base of a table to access the newly loaded data.

It’d be nice to have the option of the ‘Next’ button change to ‘Load More’ once the limit’s been reached. Selecting it would then load the new data and move to the next set of table rows.

Louis, thanks for posting the idea. Going to be interesting to see what the community thinks and more importantly, what the community’s user base thinks. I prefer the current behavior but I am just one data point.

I think an option that would activate a “silent auto load more” when a user got near the last page would be pretty cool.  Also, an optional “infinite scroll” type feature would be pretty cool for tables with pagination turned off.

Now we are talking.

We have kicked around a number of these ideas…