newline character omitted in csv export

I have a skuid page with a table based on my Accounts that I would like to export to csv.

In my Account object I have a textfield PersonOtherStreet, which can contain multiple lines.

In my table I have a template field called address that puts together several fields of my Account object including PersonOtherStreet to format the adress according to different rules. For testing purposes I also put the PersonOtherStreet field separately in the table.

When I export my table to csv, all newline characters inside my template field are removed to one line, which completely destroys the formatting purpose of the template. Contrary, the newline characters are preserved when I just export the PersonOtherStreet field separately.

I could manage to manually set the newline characters by manually putting a placeholder string for each newline “/br”. See my template code:

{{#PersonTitle}}{{PersonTitle}} {{/PersonTitle}}{{^PersonTitle}}{{Salutation}} {{/PersonTitle}}{{Name}}/br
{{PersonOtherPostalCode}} {{PersonOtherCity}}/br
Attn: {{#PersonTitle}}{{PersonTitle}}{{/PersonTitle}}{{^PersonTitle}}{{Salutation}}{{/PersonTitle}} {{Name}}/br
{{BillingPostalCode}} {{BillingCity}}/br

After exporting this to csv I replace each ‘/br’ with a newline character. This works fine, but not for any newlines inside the fields (e.g. inside the PersonOtherStreet field).

Is there a way to turn on to export newline characters in template fields? Do you have another idea for a workaround?

Hmm… is there anybody available from the team to help? I know your guys are busy with the newest version → but this issue is a real blocker for us in the company for sending out our postal mailings.

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Sorry for the delay! This is a puzzle, so we are investigating now to find out what the solution and/or explanation is for this specific behavior.

Just wanted to let you know that this issue is on our radar and we are looking into it.


Thx Josh. If I can help on anything, let me know. I have 15 years experience with web technology and I am fairly acquainted with software engineering. BR. Christoph

If you wouldn’t mind, could you go to Setup > Installed Packages and get the Version Number of your org’s Skuid installation? That would help us troubleshoot.



it’s version 4.9

But I thought that there is an automatic update on the packages. Can you reproduce the problem in your test setup?


Since we published the first Summer '14 release candidate, we’ve only been pushing updates to Sandboxes, and only to those Orgs that haven’t opted out of auto updates. If your Org doesn’t fit into one of those categories, would you mind sending your Org Id so that we can have a closer at look at why you could be left out of the pushes?

As for the Template export issue, we are able to replicate it, and we’re logging it as a bug. It does make sense that new lines in a Template should be respected in a CSV export. I know that this is less than ideal, but a potential workaround is to replicate your Template logic in a new Formula Field. I say “potential” because you would be limited by the field types Salesforce allows in a Formula Field (i.e. no Long Text fields).

Thanks for working through this with us.

hello ,

I am also doing export of some contacts only added to my custom list.
Custom lists having names like tes#1 , test#2…etc…now while exporting i have mentioned the name of exported file as “Contacts_{{{$}}}.csv”.
But as the list name includes special character like # …it is not getting exported to excel but to csv format.
Can anybody tell me what and where I am missing something to add.

Rimali G

Did anyone get solution for "newline character omitted in csv export " ?

i am exporting specific fields,one of the field is Template type in which i am taking “Billing Street”,“BillingCity” and “Billing Country” to form Address field.
While exporting all the fields are coming in one after another.


BillingStreet BillingCity BillingCountry


please reply if you have any solution for this.

Manisha Yadav

I think you will need to export the fields one a time (each one in a separate column).  The table can display the template with address concatenated, while the export has each on separated.