New Year, New Skuid Expert!

Happy New Year from Cal and Mari!

What will you resolve to do this new year? Win a gold in the 2023 Olympic gymnastics competition? (Yes, we know, there are no 2023 Olympics.) Climb the K2 without a rope? (Probably not the best idea…)

How about an accomplishable new year’s resolution? Resolve to learn Skuid in 2023 and skill up for your career. Plus you can win* prizes when you share Skuid Skool with your friends and coworkers.

Here’s how to win:

  1. Resolve to complete Skuid Skool Level 1 and 2. Fill out the form on this Skuid Skool page and complete both levels by March 31 to win a $20 gift card with Prizeout, where you can select your gift card from a variety of popular retailers or restaurants. In as little as 30 minutes a day, you can become a Level 2 Skuid Expert! Here’s a 10 Week Plan to help you on your journey.

  2. Share Skuid Skool with a friend. You’ll win a $20 gift card to Prizeout for each friend or coworker you refer who completes the 3 courses listed below. Your friends will get a hardcover Skuid Skool notebook just for registering. They can also complete more courses for prizes and make their own New Year’s Resolution to win more!

For you to win, your friend should complete at least these 3 courses:

To get all the details and to register, check out the New Year’s Contest page.

Got questions? Email or post in the Questions category.

*Terms and Conditions: 2023 Q1 contest rules and terms

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