New Value & Old Value Fields (Post Banzai) Showing Up as Date/Time

For some reason anywhere I am displaying the history of an object, the values are now displaying the changes in a date/time format. This had been working fine, I believe it occurred upon installing the banzai release, although not sure why that would cause this, so maybe just a coincidence. Any ideas?? It looks really bad!

We have identified this as a regression and will work to correct it.  It looks like we are just interpreting the number as a date.  UGH.  
Those fields are a special data type “Multi” that lets salesforce jam whatever they want in there.  We are working to better display it. In the mean time you might override the metadata for that field and just show text.  (Though I’m not sure if it would look better)

This will be fixed in Banzai Update 2, due out at the end of this week.

Great. Thanks Zach.

This has been fixed in Banzai Update 2, now available from the Skuid Releases page.