New User - Skuid Page Not Saving?

I’ve just started up the Skuid trial on my Salesforce Developer account and have been following this guide here:

However, the page does not want to save whenever I change the model to my custom object or add any components beyond a page title. The save button is even grayed out although sometimes I am still prompted with unsaved changes when trying to leave/refresh the page. The page preview also isn’t updated when I just ignore this. Is there a step I missed somewhere or something I’m doing wrong here? I’ve just been following the guide.

Can you be more specific as to which step on the tutorial you are seeing the save error? 

Adding fields to the table - I can create the table, but any modification (adding fields, etc) will not be saved.

The save button is gray after any changes involving models/components and my current workaround is that it'll be clickable everytime I reload the page editor, although even then the button fails to save the changes to my models/components.

I haven’t been able to reproduce your error but it sounds really annoying.

Another work around you could try is to add a page title or some other component to the page, then delete it, then that should make the save button become active.

Darn, I was wondering if I may have just missed a step in between installing and composing a page.

The only thing that will make the save button active is changing the page details (page name, #autosaves, …) but the button doesn’t save in the first place. The xml doesn’t seem to change either unless you need to save beforehand, but that’s a problem in and of itself.

This is definitely an unusual problem; I haven’t heard of anyone running into this before (just to let you know that this isn’t the normal experience with Skuid :slight_smile: ). What version of Skuid are you on? You can find this out by going to Salesforce Setup -> searching for install in the quick find search bar on the left, clicking Installed Packages, and then looking for Skuid and Version Number on the list

I may be off track here, but could this be around permission set licenses that you need to edit/view/admin skuid pages? Could be missing one of those. Worth a shot!

Version number says 10.0.1, I might just try to set it up again for our next project I guess

Would it be possible for me to be missing one of those if I’m the sole owner/user of the developer account?

I cannot say for certain that it can or cannot happen. I would just double check your User record and make sure you have all permissions for skuid. 

If you do, then no harm or foul.