New Task Window in Standard Salesforce Layout Appears in Iframe -- Skuid Issue?

Just noticed this weird behaviour…

I have a subset of users not using Skuid right now. 

They have some custom list buttons to create tasks with options pre-filled. 

Example, a URL button that goes here: 


In the past this would create a new task page with fields pre-filled no problem. 

Now however, the new task window seems to be going through some redirection and ends up opening in an iframe within the page, so the menu and stuff is duplicated. 

URL: /servlet/servlet.Integration?scontrolCaching=1&lid=00bd0000000ei6P&eid=003d0000020y2kW&ic=1


It still actually works if you submit the task but the experience is obviously quite wonky. 

Could this be an artefact of the URL interacting with stuff Skuid is doing? I have some page assignments so that our org default is to use standard pages for any profiles not assigned to skuid pages, so my expectation is that the link would work just as it did before. 

If so how could I correct this? 


Check to see of the button habe header and sidebar turned on or off. If on then you have the answer. I suspect that you intend not to have these show up expect to have these off. Trailhead | The fun way to learn

Yes, I guess that’s it. Silly I swear I never had to use those settings before but I probably blanked on it. 

Thanks Pat. 

Are users clicking the “New Task” button from a Skuid Page embedded in an iFrame somewhere, e.g. the Home Page? This kind of behavior is typical when buttons are clicked from within a Skuid Page embedded in an iFrame.

No in this case it is users clicking a button from a standard salesforce page. I just seem to recall in the past it would take users to a new page and the header/sidebar settings applied to that new page (so I would leave the header selected).

However, now it seems to work as I want it to if I say don’t show header or sidebar. 

Strange, I could be misremembering though.