New Resources: Use Skuid in your Home page!

Did you know that you can use Skuid to remodel your Salesforce Home tab? Check out the potential in our latest blog post and then learn how it works in this tutorial.

Thank you, Anna!

No problem, Kaede! Honestly this was like the best part of last week, when Zach said, “hey, why don’t you write a tutorial about this.”

Is there a magic way to remove Chatter from the standard Salesforce home page and just leave Skuid components there? I suspect there isn’t, but wondered if there was anything I’m missing (I miss stuff all the time).

Actually there is. You have to add the following HTML code to your Home Page Component that includes Skuid, right before the iframe tag:

<script>(function(){var newOnload = function(){var title = document.getElementsByClassName('bPageTitle'); if (title) {title[0].style.display = 'none';}};var oldOnload = window.onload;window.onload = function(){oldOnload && oldOnload();newOnload();};})();</script> 

This will hide the whole page title element, including the chatter feed.

Wow, that’s awesome. Works a treat when combined with Anna’s tutorial (thanks Anna!). It does a brief “flash” of Chatter then it disappears, but it’s very useful.