New Resource - Action Framework "Packet"

Seems like the next logical step with action framework. This or logical abilities. Ie. Looping, If/else. Would be nice to be able create an action framework that can be called upon. Pretty much the same thing as a function. The tricky part would be to set some things dynamically. The arguments really. I’d call them inputs instead of arguments though. You’d add a new action called “Action Packet”. Upon selecting the target packet, the user would be presented with the inputs required and optional. My use case is that I often have a series of actions that I have to repeat. Especially in a table/drawer hierarchy. The number of steps sometimes gets to lengthy. Pain to manage little changes 4-8 levels into the hierarchy.

This is an interesting idea Pat.  We will put it in the idea hopper.  As you well know,  that hopper is pretty full, but we are working furiously to put ideas like this into place.